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There are no reasons why objections are a bad thing. On the contrary, knowing first hand the the obstacles you may need to overcome when acquiring a successful investment is the best way to go about it.

Investing in property in the Riviera Maya isn’t just an investment in real estate, it’s an investment in yourself and your lifestyle.

So what are the 4 most common objections when purchasing a property in the Rivera Maya? Some of them, you are familiar with. They have been predominant not only throughout the history of the region but of Mexico as a country.

Let’s get started:


There is no secret that the political climate in Mexico has been one that has created uncertainty amongst investors. Whether it is something they hear on the news regarding the agenda of a certain party or even the famous “water cooler talk”.

The results from the election this last June or the on going re-negotiations of the North America Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, United States and Canada.

The current president of the United States, his comments and his continuous pursuit for a “wall” between the two countries.

There are certainly more than enough political uncertainties to create caution amongst investors.

However the political climate in Mexico has made it an attractive market for foreign investors. Its devaluated currency and the under value of it which has remained since 1991, allows foreign investors to acquire property at a lower value and a higher rate of return than in their own country.

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The topic everybody tip toes around when considering investing and or even traveling to the Riviera Maya right now.

There is no secret and no need to hide or embellish the facts. There have been incidents in the past 18 months and they have been tragic.

However, lately there has also been a higher than normal interest to report every single incident internationally and with all the current social media platforms, news of violence spreads like wild fire, creating fear, doubt and opinions about the area.

Other than some petty theft, which is common in every country most incidents are related to organized crime and are not targeted towards civilians.

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Seaweed, Seaweed, Seaweed….. tons of it!

One of the main reasons that the Riviera Maya holds its ranking among the top 10 destinations in the world is because of it’s beaches. Right now there has been almost 3 months that tons of seaweed has been arriving and covering up the white sandy beaches and the clear blue waters that we all know and love.

Fortunately, due to its current impact and exposure in the tourism industry (the branch of the economy that drives this area), this problem will see a solution no later than the end of this year. There are currently private companies as well as government funded programs working towards a solution to this problem. Yes, Unfortunate and uncomfortable, but not a problem without a solution.

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Historically we tend to gravitate towards what we know, what is “familiar” to us. Talking about investing in a foreign market, it might bring up unfamiliarity issues. Acquiring property in a foreign country through an unknown process, moving to another country, learning a new language.

Put all that together with news blasts, rumors and stories (mostly from people that haven’t even been here) creates fear. Fear of the unknown.

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Once you’ve read this, if you find yourself thinking “I don’t think this is the right place for me”, that’s fair, just remember that no real investor pulls the trigger when everything is going 100% right. As a matter of fact, career investors wait through out the calm waters for the storms. No good captain was ever made in calm waters.

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