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Japanese Tourism To Cancun And The Riviera Maya Has Increased

Mexico and Japan are two countries who experience consistent tourism throughout the year. They’ve been seen as competitors in the global tourism space for a long time. Now the dynamic relationship between the two is changing slightly. According to Mexico's tourism minister, Enrique de la Madrid, Japan has become an important market for Mexico's tourism. He notes that Mexico, “received between 115,000 and 120,000 Japanese tourists last year, which represented 18 percent more than in 2016.”

The diplomatic, cultural, economic and friendly relationship with Mexico is very solid.

The statistics for this year show much promise as well. During the first 5 months of the year, more than 50,000 Japanese tourists visited Mexico, which is a 6 percent increase over the same period last year.

Toshiyuki Shiga, president of the Mexico-Japan Economic Committee, said: “the diplomatic, cultural, economic and friendly relationship with Mexico is very solid.” He added that the tourism figures are proof of a positive economic relationship between Mexico and Japan. What’s even more astounding are the statistics of Japanese tourists who visited Mexico within the last 10 years. Numbers have increased by 80 percent, mainly in Cancun as well as the towns that make up the Riviera Maya.

Señor Madrid added that each county has their own goals on how to improve and increase tourism. However, he stated, “it’s not something we compete for personally. It is the mutual desire to make tourism one of the main engines of our economies.”

The tourism minister commented that the largest airline in Japan, ANA, and Mexico's popular airline, Aeromexico have instituted direct flights between Mexico City and Beijing, a major hub connecting flights from China to Japan.

To illustrate how close these countries, check out these tourist goals and figures. By the end of 2020, Japan intends to reach 40 million visitors, which is close to what Mexico anticipates they will reach by the end of 2018, which is 41 million visitors.

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